About Iggy & Lou Lou


Established in 2003 by Melbourne artist and designer Irene Grishin Selzer and her partner Peter Selzer, Iggy and Lou Lou has built a dedicated international following with collectors including Mike Patton, Anthony Gonzalez (M83) and jewels worn by Emily Blunt and other style icons. (see Press for more details) Collaborations include The Australian Ballet, Karen Walker, T2, PAM and more.

‘We like getting our hands dirty, making everything ourselves and keeping production runs small.  Placing a great emphasis on craftsmanship, each piece is made by hand, meticulously finished and kiln fired up to 4 times.  With a Masters of Ceramics behind us, there is a strong emphasis on mixing the latest in ceramic technology with traditional making methods while minimizing our environmental footprint.  Our porcelain is blended with quartz which gives the ceramic body the strength and warmth of stoneware mixed with the elegance of porcelain.’

Ceramic pendants have always been worn by travelers as talismans and amulets to ensure protection and courage. Having withstood the intense heat of the ‘fiery furnace’ they symbolize the romantic survival against all odds. Iggy and Lou Lou combine this romance and history with an element of tongue and cheek humor – made perfect for modern day lovers. All metals are sterling silver or 9 carat gold.

Our functional pieces and sculptures are comprised of four distinctive collections, Driptopia, Wonderock, Skulls and the Classic Collection. All pieces are made in very small production runs – limited, numbered and made to keep forever.

Iggy and Lou Lou pieces featured on this website are handmade by us and we photograph each piece for you.  You are buying the exact piece pictured unless the item is stated as a handmade edition. Either way, when an item is sold out, it’s sold out forever.

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